Ford Dome Light Does Not Work - Help!

If you’re opening the door to your Ford Escape (or any other Ford product) and the dome light is not turning on while your door is ajar, here are a few easy troubleshooting tips to help alleviate the issue.

Ford dome light


Check the Dimmer Switch

  • Before looking anywhere else, locate the dimmer switch to the right of the headlight switch on your dashboard. If this switch has been rotated all the way down it will keep the interior lights from coming on when the door is ajar. Set the switch to the middle setting for the door.

Check The Fuses

  • Depending on the model year of your Escape, the interior fuse box will located under your steering wheel, within the center console on the passenger side, or on the left panel of the driver side foot well. Once you have located your interior fuse box, refer to your owner’s manual to determine which fuse control the dome lights. If the fuse you find is blown, replace it. Ford chose to use non-standard fuses, so look for special fuses for replacement.

Check Dome Light Bulb

  • If you come to find both the dimmer switch and fuses are not the issue, replace the physical bulb in your dome light. Part number for this bulb would be #578 from manufacturers such as Sylvania.

Check Relay

  • If none of the aforementioned tips were applicable, investigate your relays. Relays have control of various interior electronics, but the one path for your dome light may be at fault.