Ford Cetane Booster Benefits - Real or Snake Oil?

Every diesel truck owner wants to get the best MPG and performance they can from their ride. But, how do you make this happen? Try using a Cetane booster like Fuel Magic.

Ford Cetane Booster Benefits Do Cetane Boosters provide any real benefit to diesel engines? Most likely.

Fuel Magic works by both clean out engine buildup while lubricating the entire fuel system and combustion chamber. It also improves the cetane number of your diesel fuel by 2 numbers without using alkyl nitrates which they say lead to algae growth in the fuel tank. They claim it:

  • Adds Power
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Extends Engine Life

With the increased power and performance, the product can return an investment of 5 to 1 on your cost for the product. In places of the country with really poor fuel, it could be as high as 10 to 1.

Cetane boosters have become popular with diesel owners since diesel fuel has been found to have dropped off in quality over the past several years. This plus the increased cost of each gallon, has people trying all sorts of booster products to improve performance.

Check out this Fuel Magic video for more information on the product:

Fuel Magic contains no metals, sulfur or low-boiling point alcohols (known to damage engines) and is listed as an EPA fuel additive for gas and diesel fuels.

It is available in many different sizes from a 16 oz. bottle (treats 1,600 gallons of diesel) to a 4-gal jug (treats 12,000 gallons of diesel). You can buy it here.

Fact or Fiction

While we couldn't find any reviews of the product, we will say this. It is probably worth a shot even though the name and video remind us of a bad infomercial  The reality is that diesel fuels aren't as "clean" as they have been and their is a strong likelihood that diesel engines will experience decreased MPGs, rough starts and poor performance over time. This type of product can quickly clean out your engine and improve performance.

If you find your engine is not running right or if you are spending a lot more at the pump, give Fuel Magic a try. It just might be what your engine needs.