Ford A/C Not Working

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of traffic and having your Ford air conditioner either stop working or start blowing hot air on you. There are a few reasons that the air conditioning may not be working. Here are some of the most common:

Air Management System

Ford AC system

There are two systems that can be the root of the problem with your air conditioning system, and the air management system is one of them. The other is the refrigerant cycling system. You should first check the air management system for the problem because it is relatively easy to diagnose.

If you are having trouble with the buttons or controls, you may have problems in the electrical system. If there is no airflow, you may have a blown fuse. It is easy to check the fuse and replace it if it's the cause of the problem. The fuse should only be a problem once. If it continues, you have other electrical problems such as a short.

Additionally, if you have a blower fan motor fuse that repeatedly blows out, you may have a fan motor problem.

The temperature and airflow direction are regulated by heater valves and the supply lines to the vacuum system. You can use your service manual to locate these parts and replace any parts that are not working.

Refrigerant Cooling Systems

The cooling systems can be found under the hood. Once you have eliminated problems with the air management system, you should check these systems. You will need your owner’s manual as it may have troubleshooting advice and the schematics for the vehicle.

Check the drive belt to the compressor and make sure it is in proper working order. You can easily replace a worn or broken belt with a little help from online videos or printed instructions.

Then, check the refrigerant hoses, the regulatory switches and the compressor wiring for leaks, frays, breaks or other damage. Replace any bad or oily connections.

Start your vehicle and check for noisy belts or hoses that do not feel right. The large hose will feel cool, while the smaller one will be warmer to the touch. If you find the belt stuttering or doing anything other than running smoothly, you may have other problems.

Professional Help

When you have tried these fixes and still can't find the problem, you may need to consult your local dealership for assistance. There could be problems with the air blend system or a drive hub may be damaged. Speak with a Ford certified mechanic and explain the problem along with the things you have checked. They will be able to give you further assistance.