7 Of Our Favorite Blacked Out F-150s

Is black a color or the absence of color? We’re not entirely sure. While we let the scientists and philosophers of the world figure that out, we’ll be busy drooling over these custom blacked-out F-150s that make us want to join the dark side.

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Blacked Out F150 1

This blacked-out grille, badge, and bumper bar combo looks scary—and we mean that in a good way.


Blacked Out F150 2

The white body on this F-150 only makes the blacked-out tires and rims stick out more.


Blacked Out F150 3

This show-stopper from SEMA 2015 features custom blacked-out headlights, front grille, and side view mirrors.


Blacked Out F150 4

Aside from the paint job, rims, and badgeless grille on this F-150, the blacked-out Roush tips are a nice touch.


Blacked Out F150 5

The orange rims give this F-150 a Halloween-y feel, but that hasn’t stopped us from drooling over this dropped-down, blacked-out masterpiece.


Blacked Out F150 6

While the last F-150 was dropped, this one is just the opposite. Raised and ready to rumble, this blacked-out truck looks like we’d be eating its exhaust.


Blacked Out F150 7

Blacked-out headlights can be tricky, but this F-150 pulls it off flawlessly.

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