Are Car Window Deflectors Worth It?

For many years now, car window deflectors have been one of the most popular customization options for your vehicle. There are plenty of reasons why these deflector systems are so popular aside from the vehicle's look. Below we'll cover some of the reasoning behind wind deflectors and the added value to your vehicle.

What Is An Air Deflector?

Window air deflectors

Air deflectors are meant to push air, rain, and debris away from your vehicle's windows and sunroof when they are open. If you are having issues with your Ford moon roof, check out this post. Wind deflectors are made of tinted plastic material to help keep your vehicle comfortable at speed with the windows down. Most open windows create a vacuum of air at higher speeds. This vacuum can cause an irritating 'thumping' noise. You can alleviate or completely avoid this irritating noise by using deflectors.

How To Install Car Wind Deflectors

Install window deflectors

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When you want to fit car window wind deflectors to your vehicle, be sure to use deflectors that are specifically designed for your vehicles make and model. If you have a Ford Explorer, check out this wind deflector system. Most rain deflectors are held to your vehicle with adhesive strips to ensure a clean fit. Be sure to completely clean the area where the deflectors will attach. Denatured alcohol is a great product for cleaning this area. Then test fit the deflectors before installing them.

When To Replace Car Window Deflectors

Most wind deflectors use plastic material to ensure a long-lasting and versatile product for your vehicle. But like any rubber or plastics on your vehicle, they can fade and wear over time. We recommend you replace or refurbish your wind deflectors every 3-5 years, depending on your climate and how dry the air is. If you notice tell-tale signs of wear and tear like discoloration or minor cracking then you'll know it's time to replace your deflectors. And if you're in a situation where you have to replace your window glass, replacing the deflectors at the same time certainly makes sense.

Are OEM Or Aftermarket Deflectors Better?

OEM window deflector

Aftermarket wind or rain deflectors may offer enhanced features or options beyond an OEM style deflector, but you should always be conscious of both wind resistance and fitment of your deflector. We often recommend OEM-style equipment as it's built around your model's exact dimensions and curvature to ensure a proper lasting fit. Whereas aftermarket deflectors may have a more 'universal' style fit. You'll want your deflectors to hug the curve of your door frame, and one-size-fits-all aftermarket options rarely fit in this manner.

Your car is constantly exposed to the elements, and wind deflectors are an upgrade that can help your vehicle deal with mother nature. Air defectors are a good investment for anyone looking for an upgrade or modification that makes a big impact but won't break the bank, and at Blue Springs Ford Parts, we've got a great selection of deflectors for your Ford. With more than 30 years in business selling Ford, Mercury and Lincoln parts, you know we will get your parts shipped quickly. All our OEM Ford parts are backed by Ford's replacement parts warranty. We're happy to receive your order at 1-800-248-7760, or you can shop online here today.