5 Awesome Stanced Focus STs

Focus STs are pretty mean looking cars, but with a little help from their owners, they can really achieve a new level of stance. Here are five awesome stanced Focus STs that will make you want to tune your suspension right now.

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Stanced Focus 1

This super clean slammed Ford Focus ST is a real head turner, and it looks like it could handle a few punches, too. The purple wheels add an aggressive touch against the white paint, and the subtle exterior mods leads us to believe this ride is hiding more under the hood.

Stanced Focus 2

The wheels are the most eye catching thing about this Focus ST, but the stance is pretty impressive as well. This Focus is very tastefully done, while also managing to look very intimidating.

Stanced Focus 3

Who would have thought a white one white Focus ST would look so killer? This Focus ST shows us that white isn't such an innocent color and stance looks good in all packages.

Stanced Focus 4

While it's not extreme, this Ford Focus ST is a sleek ride. It goes to show that builds don't have to be extreme to look killer.

Stanced Focus 5

This blacked out Focus ST is sinister and stanced! It would definitely make competitors think twice before taking a swing at it on the track!

All of these are very clean and tastefully done stanced Ford Focus STs. Hopefully you found some inspiration for your next project in one or all of these rides.