2013 Ford Taurus Revew - The Big Sedan Gets a Modern Remake

Guest car review written by Jack Payton of Tires-Easy.com

The big, roomy sedan became a staple of the American roadway in the latter half of the 20th century – with large sedans becoming the de facto automobile for many families because of its spacious interior, four-door configuration, a sizable trunk that offered many utilitarian functions and a large frame which at that time represented a celebration of American excess.

[caption id="attachment_360" align="aligncenter" width="500"]2013 Ford Taurus The 2013 Taurus is a modern take on the big cars of old.

That celebration has been subdued considerably in the 21st century as consumers are now much more wary of big-for-the-sake-of-big both for economic and environmental reasons, and as its iconic designs began to wane in popularity, Detroit automakers fell on hard times.

[caption id="attachment_361" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Ford LTD The Ford LTD of the 80's is gone, but the concept is making a come-back. Photo Credit: aldenjewell via Compfight cc

But much like the city that made the stylish four-door car a worldwide phenomenon, the roomy sedan appears poised for a resurrection, a comeback not in the same antiquated image as before, but with modern sensibilities like fuel efficiency, collision prevention and interior gizmos galore included.

Such is the case with the 2013 Ford Taurus, which in some respects harkens back to the days in the late 20th century with its roomy interior and easy-breezy drivability, yet is unmistakably a modern automobile, optimized for fuel efficiency and an assortment of technological marvels that integrate the Taurus with the navigation, phone and stereo gadgets that epitomize the 21st century.

In truth, however, the 2013 Taurus is quite a departure from the halcyon days of the big sedan. Gone are the V-8 engines that characterized such autos in the 1970s and 1980s, but innovations have allowed the V-6 version to provide an equal amount of horsepower to those antiquated, gas-guzzling machines of yore.

Even the four-cylinder model, infused with direct injection and the turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine gets as much as 240 horsepower, yet won’t cost you an arm and a leg at the filling station like the huge iron behemoths from the past.

New Features for 2013

Along with the improved fuel efficiency, the 2013 Taurus features a myriad of modern conveniences. Among them:

  • The smart key which enables the Taurus’ engine to be fired up with the remote push of a button
  • A state of the art electric power-steering system, which Ford appears to have mastered, finding the perfect balance between fuel-savings and drivability
  • Blind-spot monitors that uses sensor devices that will detect other vehicles located to the driver’s side and rear.
  • Those same sensors supposedly provide collision warning, though I fortunately did not have the occasion to hear what those warnings sounded like.
  • For people not savvy enough to parallel park for themselves, it does have the auto parking feature, which I would never use as a matter of principle, because I consider parallel parking a challenge for which I must rise to the occasion when it arises.
  • I will admit that I will use the rearview camera, however. It’s a handy feature for those that aren’t as stubborn as me.
  • Inside the vehicle, the 2013 Taurus is tricked out with the latest in MyFord Touch technology, an interface that gives you control over stereo, GPS navigation, and climate control.
  • An excellent Sony sound system comes stock in the Taurus and my favorite feature was the pair of USB ports that enabled me to plug in and play all music as if my automobile was my iPod.
  • The navigation system and the hands-free phone system can also accessed using the voice command software.

Jack Payton also stubbornly refuses to fully utilize navigation systems, much to his wife’s chagrin. He is a freelance writer for the online tire retailer Tires-Easy.com