Ford Feature: Super Clean 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible

Rejoice SN95 fans — finally a car feature just for you! We recently stumbled across this super clean 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible for sale on eBay, and it's pretty impressive.

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95 Mustang feature 1

95 Mustang feature 2

SN95 was the first platform to host the SVT Cobra option, making this one a pretty cool car to have. It's possible that SN95 cars are going to be the future of Mustang collectibles, and the SVT Cobra option makes this an even more likely candidate. Not to mention this particular car has very low milage and is well-maintained.

95 Mustang feature 8

The interior and exterior of this Cobra are nearly perfect, so far as you tell by the pictures. The current owner explains that it’s been garage kept, and with so few miles, it really hasn’t had a chance to become weathered from the elements.

95 Mustang feature 4

95 Mustang feature 7

Underneath the body is a newly upgraded suspension that includes Koni shocks and struts on all four corners. Additionally, it has BBK caster camber plates, Energy spring isolators, J&M weld-in subframe connectors, and G-Force Sport Comp II tires.

95 Mustang feature 5

Performance wise, it has BBK adjustable mufflers, and considering how good SN95 Mustangs already sound, this one probably purrs.

95 Mustang feature 6

Whoever gets this Mustang is going to have a really good car on their hands. It would be a great one to "collect", keep in the current condition, and keep in the garage. OR take it out and make up for all those miles it hasn't been driven yet! Either way, the next owner will be a lucky driver.