OEM 2002 Mercury Villager Parts and Accessories

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The 2002 Mercury Villager is the last in the line of these family-friendly passenger minivans. There were three trim levels for 2002, and they were equipped with a 3.3L V6. This model was a joint effort with Nissan. When you need to replace any of the parts on your Villager, you buy OEM Villager parts because they meet the standards of the factory when it comes to performance and fit.

  • Brake Cables - The brake cables connect the pedal to the brakes, so that when you press the brakes, they engage. If there's a bad cable, your brakes won't work. We have cables, brake pads and other brake parts.
  • Fuel Filters - Your fuel can become dirty due to dirt in the tank or at the pump, and the fuel filter keeps all of the impurities from going into your engine. This filter needs to be changed at some point. We have fuel filters, air filters and oil filters.
  • Hubs - The hubs are home to the wheel bearings and where the lug nuts are located. If the hubs go bad, your wheels may start to make a lot of noise and be harder to turn. We have hubs, axles and bearings.

When you need new Ford parts, you can find them from our large inventory on hand. We are one of the largest Ford parts departments in the U.S. Shop for your 2002 Villager parts now.