F-Series Super Duty Theft Protection Tips

As much as you like your truck, thieves like it too, especially your F-250 and F-350 bed items. What can you do to protect it? Here are some tips.

F-Series Super Duty Theft Protection Tips Thieves love the F-series trucks, especially what's in the bed. Don't lose your stuff, here are some tips.

Before we begin, it is worth noting that both the Ford F-250 crew cab 4wd and F-350 crew cab 4wd trucks were in the top ten list of insurance theft claims, according to IIHS.org. Each of these trucks is being highly sought after by thieves who see them as easier targets than cars.

The Ford F-250 has a claim rate of 7 per 1,000 and the F-350 has a rate of 5.6 per 1,000. It is worth noting that these claim rates don't exactly translate into total vehicle theft. The data shows that the average loss payment per claim on the F-250 is $7,060 and the F-350 is $7,517. What does that mean? Theives are most likely taking expensive items out of the bed like tools and other items they can quickly sell.

Ideas to Protect Your Bed and Tools

  • Lockable Tool Box - one of the first things you should look at it is a lockable tool box to put your tools into. Theives are quick to grab the most convient items and leave the "tougher" to get to items. Anything they can make a quick buck on, they will take. Lock up all your valuable tools with a lockable tool box.
  • Locking Tailgate - another quick theft item is your tailgate. Automakers have made it relatively easy to remove the tailgate for consumers and thieves know this too. If your truck doesn't already have it, consider installing a locking tailgate. There are aftermarket solutions for around $100 that connect to your door locks. Essentially, you lock the doors and the tailgate locks as well.
  • Truck Topper - while truck toppers may limit your ability to carry tall items or easily access the full bed, they do stop thieves from simply grabbing what they want. You can also buy them with locks as well to keep your items secure.

One more thing to remember. It is always preferred to try to either park in a well-lit area or in a garage for more protection. If that isn't possible, some of the ideas above can stop thieves from leaving with your stuff.