RXC Extreme Street Legal Coupe Powered by Ford Mustang V-6

The Ford Mustang V-6 engine is perfect for powering the ultra-popular pony car. What about in a radical machine designed by professional racers? No problem.

RXC Extreme Street Legal Coupe Powered by Ford Mustang V-6 This Radical RXC street legal coupe uses the Ford Mustang V-6 making it one of the fastest street legal coupes in the world.

The all-new Radical RXC is a bit wild looking (think Le Mans), yet it uses the high-quality performance and power you get from the Ford Mustang V-6. This marriage of styling and raw power is perfect for the track-inspired car that is street legal.

Radical is saying the car is the world's most extreme street legal coupe car. While we don't think it is a great grocery go-getter, it definitely turns some heads. It is basically street racing at its finest.

RXC Performance Figures

  • Power: 380bhp @ 6750rpm
  • Torque: 320lb ft @ 4250rpm
  • Weight: 900kg
  • PWR: 422bhp/ton
  • 0-62mph: 2.8 sec
  • Top speed: 175mph

Essentially, even though it has the heart of the Mustang, the Ford pony car would be hard pressed to catch the RXC.

Check out this video from XCar that explains more about the company and its creations.

Radical knows what they are doing with their history of setting the Nürburgring production car lap record and building some of the best race cars in the world. Getting their start from using motorcycle engines in track cars, Radical is branching out to build some of the fastest street legal coupes anywhere.

Also in the engine mix is the Ford EcoBoost 2.0liter 4cyl that is used in the Ford Focus ST. A pretty cool offering by Ford in its own right.

While it is still in development and not quite ready for road use, it is close.

What do you think? Is it drool worthy?