MyFord Touch Not Working

Over the past decade, Ford has extensively developed the MyFord Touch system. The most recent iteration of MyFord Touch is called Sync 4, which was first introduced in late 2019. As the system continues to develop, it now incorporates everything from Bluetooth phone connectivity to a complete systems information hub about your Ford vehicle.

MyFord Touch Problems

MyFord Touch

Like any system in your vehicle, you might experience some issues with your Sync 4 system. If you have an earlier MyFord Touch system and need a replacement, check out this link. Below, we'll cover some of the common Sync 4 issues and how to reset the system if you continue to have problems. Some of the most common issues around Sync 4 include: 

Cluster Shows Default Gauges

The MyFord Touch system has a both a 'Configurable Gauge' and 'My View' setting - each allows you to customize your gauge and cluster view. Many Ford owners report that the custom view settings work for a short time and then suddenly disappear, returning to the default view on all settings, without cause. Certainly a frustrating event considering the time taken to customize the names and positioning of the gauge display elements.

Forgetting Radio Presets

Another preset that seems to randomly reset itself is the radio station selections. Some MyFord Touch users report that all their saved radio stations are erased after having been entered, saved, and used successfully for a period of time. The erasure happens randomly and without cause.

Voice Control Issues

The voice control system of the MyFord Touch system has been known to sometimes not respond at all, or even occasionally interrupt at random times when not activated. 

Reset Options

While some of these issues are not common, they all can be frustrating, especially when you frequently start your vehicle. If your Sync system has a power button, you're in a bit of luck as you can perform a basic system reset by holding the power button and forward seek button down for 10 seconds simultaneously. These buttons will rest your system but Sync 4 will retain radio presets and some basic info. Considering most of the common issues surrounding SYNC 4 aren't hugely detrimental we recommend using the basic reset function to resolve these issues.

If a basic reset function doesn't work, you can also perform a hard factory reset. But, this will erase all your Bluetooth and subscription settings in your vehicle. This harder reset is not recommended, and if you're having more significant issues, it may be best to contact your local Ford dealer for more help with the Sync 4 system before commencing a hard reset. If you want to do a hard reset, you can find this option in the settings screen, under the 'Master Reset' selection. 

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