New Mustang Line-Lock System vs. Aftermarket Units

The new Mustang is based on an amazing platform, chock full of awesome features and technologies. One of the coolest things the 2015 Mustang will come with is a launch control system. Here’s the breakdown of the Mustang’s cool new feature.

Mustang Line Lock

Mustang’s New Line-Lock

Drag racers are likely to be familiar with the concept, but a line-lock system basically helps you to do a burnout. This feature is standard on the 2015 Mustang GT and powered by software. The fact that it is powered by software is mind-blowing to anyone familiar with line-locks. With this technology, there is no need to install a mechanical line-lock to achieve the perfect burnout.

Mustang Burnout

Why would you need this? It allows racers to warm up their rear tires for better traction during drag races. It also takes the risk and balancing act out of finding the right balance between the gas and brakes to be able to do a burnout.

When the driver lets off of the brake pedal, the hydraulic control unit holds the front brakes while releasing the back brakes. The driver can then warm up the rear tires with the vehicle locked into place.

Mustang Track App

Ford also added a factory launch control system to make launching the car much easier. To wrap it up is a Track app that will allow drivers to monitor the car's performance and their driving skills. This is great for bracket racing and Ford outlines that these features are to be used at the track only.

These features were built into the new Mustang with a very specific type of driver in mind. Ford wanted to reach out to those car owners who want to use their Mustang for commuting, road trips, etc., but also take their GT to the track on the weekends.

Why This is Cooler Than Anything Aftermarket

The reasons every auto manufacturer should follow in Ford’s footsteps are simple:

  • It uses software instead of the brake hydraulics to work
  • Factory features beat anything you’d have to wire in yourself
  • Unlike installing a line-lock yourself, this won’t void the warranty (although racing your Mustang will)
  • The system is covered under warranty

So basically, the factory line-lock allows you to have perfect control without all of the hassle that comes with installing an aftermarket part. This system provides all of the benefits of being able to do a smoky burnout, but you won’t have to mess with wiring, installation, and the headache associated with line-locks.