Highly Modified Orange '94 Taurus Is As Fast As It Looks

Check out this awesome 1994 Ford Taurus found on CarDomain.com.

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Modded orange 94 Taurus1

This Ford Taurus has come a very long way since the current owner acquired it. Starting off as a greenish teal car with a lot of things that needed to be fixed, it’s now sporting a show-worthy orange paint job.

Modded orange 94 Taurus3

Modded orange 94 Taurus2

Modded orange 94 Taurus10

Although the body obviously underwent a big change, it’s what’s under the hood and parts you can’t see that were upgraded the most.

Powering this build is a heavily modified 3.2L engine.

Modded orange 94 Taurus7

Modded orange 94 Taurus8

Mods to the engine include:

  • Extrude honed runners
  • Big bore butterflys
  • Port and polished heads
  • Performance cams
  • Stiffer valve springs
  • SHONUT adjustable intake and exhaust sprockets
  • SHO SHOP underdrive pulleys
  • Denso iridium spark plugs

…to mention a few of the many mods.


Modded orange 94 Taurus5

Modded orange 94 Taurus6

Outside of the engine, a lot of power adders and bolt-ons went into this build, such as:

  • Cold air intake
  • Ported throttle body to 69mm
  • 80mm Lincoln MAF
  • SHONUT (Malory) Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • SHO SHOP high flow y-pipe
  • Dynomax mufflers
  • Light weight 8lb Fidanza aluminum flywheel
  • SPEC stage 2 clutch


Modded orange 94 Taurus9

Suspension mods include:

  • SHO SHOP solid torque limiters
  • SHONUT Derling subframe bushings
  • Poly bushings all around
  • Koni adjustable insert struts
  • Intrax Springs
  • Front and rear tower braces


Modded orange 94 Taurus11

These modifications are really only scratching the surface. This build is completely customized at every turn.

One thing’s for sure - this is no ordinary Taurus!