Guess These Fords From Behind: Part I

Ford has a dynamic lineup, and we know you love all of their models! You can probably spot a Ford from a mile away, but can you tell these models from the back? We’ve started them off easy, getting more difficult down the list. Scroll down to match the badgeless model with the nameplate — no cheating! How many can you guess right?

1. Badgeless Ford 1

2. Badgeless Ford 2

3. Badgeless Ford 3

4. Badgeless Ford 4

5. Badgeless Ford 5

6. Badgeless Ford 6

1.Badgeless Focus

Did you guess the Ford Focus?

2. Badgeless F 150

You may have gotten that it was a F-Series, but did you know this was a F-150?

3. Badgeless Ranger

Maybe the Ranger threw you off a bit…

4. Badgeless Mustang

We handed this one to you, we hope you guessed Mustang!

5. Badgeless Fiesta

Did you recognize this Fiesta?

6. Badgeless Taurus

The Taurus is an icon and leader in its class, did you recognize it from behind?

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