GoodGuys Texas Show Brings Out the Coolest Fords Around

GoodGuys were at it yet again this year for their 22nd Lone Star Nationals car show event at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. Keeping up with the trend from previous years, the turnout was saturated with a plethora of eye-widening classic builds capable of suiting anyone’s taste. Ford enthusiasts, in particular, were out in full attendance to show off their beloved classics.

Over 2,500 classics, custom builds, hot rods, and muscle cars occupied the grounds of the Texas Motor Speedway during the three-day event, and there was something to admire everywhere you looked.

An inviting ‘65 Mustang Convertible sporting an appealing red on white color way with matching interior.

Good guys 65 mustang

Good Guys 7586

Good Guys 7588

Good Guys 7589

This intimidating ‘69 Mustang Fastback had a modern touch hidden under its hood.

Good Guys 7593

Good Guys 7599

Good Guys 7603

Good Guys 7605

Check out this immaculate ‘56 Ford F100!

Good Guys 7742

Good Guys 7744

Good Guys 7747

Good Guys 7749

1963 Ford Galaxie

Good Guys 7765

Good Guys 7759

Good Guys 7763

Even after 80+ years this 32 Ford Tudor still has the capability to make even the younger generations envious.

Good Guys 7774

Good Guys 7777

Good Guys 7779

Good Guys 7780

A very well done ‘35 Ford Pickup with perfect red accents to pull the interior and exterior together flawlessly.

Good Guys 7864

Good Guys 7866

 This Mustang couldn't be ignored!

Good Guys 7956

Good Guys 7953

Looking for a mint ’64 Thunderbird?

Good Guys 8003

Good Guys 8006

Black and chrome has never looked so good on a ’50 Ford Pickup.

Good Guys 8157

Good Guys 8158

Good Guys 8160

Good Guys 8161

This ’56 Ford was sporting an eye-catching paint job topped with custom wheels and a hefty power plant.

Good Guys 8163

Good Guys 8166

Good Guys 8167

It’s hard not to gaze into the paint of this ‘40 Ford truck, let alone the chrome individual throttle bodies hiding under the hood.

Good Guys 8185

Good Guys 8187

Good Guys 8188

Good Guys 8183

The two-tone paint scheme found on this ’66 F250 appeared to be quite a popular taste.

Good Guys 8189

Good Guys 8190

Good Guys 8192

Good Guys 8193

You can’t help but to admire the hood detail on this ‘32 Roadster!

Good Guys 8234

Good Guys 8236

Good Guys 8237

1967 Ford Fairlane XL

Good Guys 8238

Good Guys 8239

Good Guys 8242

A ‘66 Ford Cobra that just screams “don’t mess with me.”

Good Guys 8257

Good Guys 8260

Good Guys 8261

GoodGuys, yet again, provided a great event at a well-appreciated venue where enthusiasts can show their passion and appreciation for others’ commitments in an overly welcomed atmosphere. If you haven’t had a chance to check out a GoodGuys car show, you may want to make a point to plan your attendance for the next show! The event welcomes attendants of all ages, and even gives discounts to active or retired military personal with proof of ID. With everything that takes place during this glorified weekend, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and a new friends to be made.