Ford Considers Small Compact Truck - New Ranger?

When Ford ended production of its Ranger, many of its loyal fans were left without a mid-size truck to buy. It seems now Ford may have its sights on bringing back the original compact Ranger. Small truck fans rejoice!

Ford Considers Small Compact Truck Ford sees room for a truly, compact truck to return to the North American Market. Is a small truck back in?

For years, compact trucks have grown in size thanks in large part to consumer demand. Now many analysts and insiders think it is time to call those trucks "mid-size" and develop a new truly "compact" truck market. Ford agrees with this assessment. In a recent interview by with, Ford's truck program marketing manager Doug Scott says there is a place in the U.S. for a compact truck.

Scott told,“It’d have to be a true compact truck,” says Scott. “It has to be clearly differentiated from the F-150 in price, size, and fuel economy.”

He plainly sees a market for a fun, cheap pickup ala the 1980s trucks before they grew so large. A truck that has some considerable differences between it and full-size models like size, price and MPGs. This truck could be cheap to build, cheap to buy and cheap to maintain without all the luxury bells and whistles.

While the mid-size truck market is currently dominated by the Toyota Tacoma, this is largely due to a lack of a true competitor. For many automakers, there isn't a whole lot of profit or market share to be gained by building the current mid-size version of these trucks. However, by building a truly compact truck, there is a lot of room to increase market share and increase profits. While the majority of these trucks would probably be bought by fleets and frugal consumers, the profit margin wouldn't be a lot, but the sales volume could quantify this number.

What do you think? Is there room for a truly compact truck like the size of the 80s models? Would you be interested in one?