5 Ford Golf Carts Almost As Cool As An Actual Car

If we made a venn diagram of golf lovers and Ford aficionados, the two circles might virtually be set on top of each other. Unfortunately, it’s not viable to drive your Ford—whether it’s a Taurus or an F-350 Dually—from green to green. Luckily, some crazy creatives out there have put together the best possible solution: Ford styled golf carts.

1. Biggest, Baddest Bronco

Golf Cart Bronco1
Golf Cart Bronco 2

Though the Ford Bronco was discontinued after the 1996 model year, it has continued to live in our hearts as well as certain golf carts. Take this beast, for example. Built on a 1961 chassis, 14 inches of frame lift was added along with 31” all-terrain truck tires and a custom built roll cage and bumpers. And when you’re on the golf course, the electric 4-wheel drive system, 18 hp engine and blaring stereo will keep you busy when you’re not concentrating on your next shot.

2. 2015 Mustang

Golf Cart Mustang1
Golf Cart Mustang2

Whether your’e a Mustang lover, golf lover, or just like driving around in golf carts, this mini-Mustang is sure to turn heads. In keeping with the spirit of the Mustang, this golf cart version is pretty quick, reaching speeds up to 19.5 mph on a 48v electric drivetrain. Beyond the power under the hood, this package also includes interior carpeting, vinyl bucket seats, a locking front trunk, a folding windshield, and an Alpine 4-speaker sound system with Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Ford Raptor SVT-150 Cart

Golf Cart Raptor

This is all hypothetical, but if Mario had a Ford Raptor cart in any rendition of the Mario Kart series, he’d be invincible to bananas, red shells, and yes—even the dreaded blue shell. But seeing as we don’t yet have the technology to transport into video games, we’ll have to settle for taking this devastatingly awesome cart on the golf course. With two rows of marine grade vinyl seats complete with the Raptor logo, the golf cart comes complete with custom SVT aluminum wheels, headlights and taillights, and the familiar Raptor badging.

4. ’56 Ford Pickup

Golf Cart Truck

The year was 1956. The Yankees won the World Series behind all-star catcher Yogi Berra, a then unknown Bob Barker made his television debut, and Ford pickups were all the rage. Today, you can relive the good ol’ years with this golf cart fit with a unique ’56 body design. Like Ford, the makers of this cart didn’t cut any corners. Set up with marine grade vinyl seating, a cherry wood inlaid bed, and a 48-volt club car chassis, this cart looks like it’s ready to upgrade from the golf course to city roads.

5. “Tee’d Off” 1932 Ford Roadster

Golf Cart Roadster1
Golf Cart Roadster2
Golf Cart Roadster3

Where do we start with this cart…The ostrich suede interior? The in-dash CD/DVD combo with 3 screens? The 17” DVS wheels with built in spinners? Or should we just let the pictures speak for themselves? Yeah—let’s do that. PS—we know this blog is supposed to be about carts ALMOST as cool as real cars, but we think this cart might actually be better than the real thing.