Ford Fuel Injector Buyer's Guide

Fuel injectors are a modern invention that helps your car run smoothly in many conditions. Almost all gas and diesel vehicles use fuel injectors, but they can wear down, become clogged, or stop working as they age. Below, we'll cover many aspects of your fuel injectors, including what injectors do, how to replace them properly, and some common signs of injector failure. You should keep your injectors working properly to ensure your car runs well.

What Are Fuel Injectors, And Why Are They Important?

OEM ford fuel injectors

The fuel injector is one of the most critical parts of your fuel system. Unlike fuel lines or fuel pumps, injectors work with a very small and very specific amount of fuel thousands of times per minute. The injectors spray a particular amount of fuel into your engine within a specific timeframe. Your engine has one injector, or sometimes two injectors per cylinder. If an injector fails, this can cause the engine to sputter or stall. Check out this blog post to learn more about how the injectors work.

How To Replace A Fuel Injector

If you're replacing the fuel injectors in your vehicle, check out this post. It has many tips on how to properly change the injectors in your engine and ensure they are correctly working following the replacement. We always recommend that you use OEM replacement fuel injectors in your Ford. Many times aftermarket injectors offer a lower price and can seem like a better deal - but beware, over time you will most likely not see the performance you expect. Take a look at this article for more explanation.

You should be aware of some safety concerns when working with the fuel system: fuel injectors connect to the electrical and fuel systems. To keep yourself safe when working on the injectors, you should disconnect the battery and depressurize the fuel system.

Injector Failure Causes And Fixes

When a part of your car fails, it is always frustrating and often can be tough to pinpoint. Check out this post if you're worried the injectors in your vehicle may have failed or are having issues. The post helps to highlight what issues are most common to injectors. This post also highlights ways to diagnose and fix these issues and keep your Ford on the road.

Fuel Injection Control Module Replacement

While each injector in your vehicle can wear over time, the control module for the injectors deals with many inputs from multiple sensors within a given second of engine operation. That means the module has to take in throttle and airflow information to ensure the proper amount of fuel is injected for each cylinder. The module can also fail suddenly. Usually, a module fails due to the accumulated effects of vibration and heat over a period of many miles. If the module fails, your engine will be unable to run well, and may not run at all. If you're looking to replace your fuel injector module, read through this post.

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