Ford F150 Call of Duty Reptar - Jaw Dropping Feature Truck

The mad modifier over at, Mike G Mag, has done it again. His so-called Reptar is simply jaw dropping with its after-market features and Call of Duty camo wrap. Check. It. Out.

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - Profile Wow. Simply wow!

As with all of his projects, he starts with a stock truck and does amazing mods to the styling, paint and performance. This Reptar is actually a stock 2011 FX4. He says, "I bought a 2011 fx4 in October with the intent in making it a Raptor with The 5.0 because I like the motor better. here is how it looked when I bought it.... Ugly n plain lol."

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - Stock Hard to believe that this stock truck is now the camo wrapped Reptar.

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - Front How can you drive by this truck without stopping?

Then the work begin.Here is a list of the some of the big modifications:

  • Mesh rivet grille with custom emblem
  • Bull bar with tow hooks and lights
  • New NFab Raptor bumper
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Rigid light bars
  • All the door speakers replaced with Focal speakers and 4 tweeters
  • 700w JL amp powering a W6 centerconsole custom box
  • Replaced all interior lights with White LED and All exterior with LED and HIDs
  • 12" lift with 40" tires, 22" fuel rims

What does all of this cost?

  • $1700- audio
  • $4400 -22" custom painted fuel hostage on Toyo open country 40x15.5 tires
  • $500- 20" custom painted fuel hostage on Toyo open country 35x12.50 tire (spare)
  • $250- exhaust
  • $6500- suspension -6"fabtech lift, 3" bodylift, 3" add a leaf springs, 3" dirt logic coilovers, fabtech ladder bars
  • $1500- fiberglass raptor panels
  • $600- NFab prerunner Raptor bumper with custom welded lighters brackets
  • $250- NFab rear runner bumper
  • $2600- addictive desert designs chase rack
  • $120 -NFab roof light mount
  • $200- monster tow hook
  • $120- LEDs and hids
  • $400- recon headlights and tailights
  • $400- outlaw train horns
  • $2400- two 50" rigid light bars
  • $650- two 10" rigid light bars
  • $1000 - two 30" rigid light bars
  • $200- rigid dually lights
  • $900- tuscany FTX door cladding
  • $2200 - Camo Wrap
  • $2200 - satin pearl white wrap (see: below)

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - Interior A matching interior too? You bet!

Mike adds:

I'm really gonna end up spending 53k with the truck included. I do all the paint work, my buddy orders the lift at cost an Installed it dirt cheap. I priced a brand new one at the stealership for around 54k for a 4 door. Mine will come out cheaper and will have the upgraded suspension, wheels, tires, and motor I want. Plus all the little stuff here an there. Plus its just my beach/weekend toy.

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - Side What a beast!

Camo not your thing? How about white?

Ford F-150 Call of Duty Reptar - White Yep, same truck just in white.

What do you think? Is it awesome or not your thing?