Ford Bearing Buyer's Guide

All the bearings in your Ford are quite important parts. Bearings help other parts move freely, for one. With worn bearings, your car won't function well. If you came here looking to learn more about Ford bearings, today is your lucky day. This guide has all the information you need about the bearings on your Ford vehicle.

What’s A Wheel Bearing And Why Is It Important?

A bearing is a small donut-shaped part with the following components:

  • A metal ring
  • A roller element (or steel balls) within the ring
  • Supporting parts

A bearing sits between a fixed, non-moving part and a moving part. It allows the moving part to move freely with very minimal friction. Your Ford has many different bearings. This post explains what a wheel bearing is and why it’s important.

Bushings Vs. Bearings: What’s The Difference?

Bushings and bearings are somewhat similar parts. In fact, some people use these words interchangeably. They’re not really the same part, though. This post explores the differences between bushings and bearings. To sum it up:

  • A bushing is a small tube-shaped rubber or polyurethane component. It’s a semi-rigid part that absorbs vibration between metal parts.
  • A bearing is a moving part that enables continuous motion without friction.

How To Replace Your Ford’s Wheel Bearing

Ford oem bearings

Got a bad wheel bearing on your Ford? You can save a lot of money by replacing it yourself. All you need are the right tools and this tutorial. Here’s an overview of the Ford wheel bearing replacement process:

  1. Remove the tire/wheel
  2. Remove the brake assembly
  3. Remove the hub
  4. Remove the wheel bearing
  5. Install the new wheel bearing
  6. Put everything back together

Check the tutorial for much more detailed instructions.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Bearings

Trying to decide between OEM and aftermarket replacement bearings? This comparison guide will help you reach an educated decision. Spoiler alert: OEM bearings are the much better investment. This is because:

  • OEM bearings are made for your specific vehicle
  • OEM bearings are stronger than aftermarket bearings
  • OEM bearings usually last longer than aftermarket bearings
  • OEM bearings cost less in the long run for all the above reasons

The guide also explains how you can find genuine OEM Ford bearings at wholesale prices.