OEM Ford Focus Parts List And Owner's Guide

The Ford Focus is a good compact car with a lot to offer. The Focus has evolved a lot since Ford introduced it to America in 2000. There were even a few special variants of this car, including:

Even today, in an age when trucks and SUVs are dominating the market, the Ford Focus remains a popular vehicle. The Ford Focus is known for lasting a long time with proper maintenance. If you're looking for a resource that will help you maintain your Focus, you came to the right place. We rounded up all the information you need about maintaining your Focus.

The Most Common Replacement Parts For The Ford Focus

2018 ford focus

Whether you have a Ford Focus or you're thinking about getting one, you may want to know what the most common replacement parts are for this model. We're an authorized seller of genuine OEM Ford parts. We noticed that some replacement parts are pretty popular with Focus owners. Here's a list of these parts:

If you need any of these parts (or any Focus part), get them from us! You'll get the best deal with us because we offer wholesale pricing. Check out our catalog of OEM Ford Focus parts here!

Ford Focus Maintenance Parts To Stock Up On

Ford engine air filter

Like any car, the Ford Focus needs regular maintenance. Make your life easier by stocking up on the most common maintenance parts. You can keep some of these parts in your garage, or in your Focus. For example, a set of replacement windshield wipers would be best kept in your car. That way, you can replace your wipers on the spot whenever necessary.

Do your future self a favor and stock up on these routine maintenance parts:

The Most Common Issues With The Ford Focus

Ford focus steering

The Ford Focus is a great car, but it sometimes has a few issues. Let's discuss some of the most common Ford Focus issues:

  1. Steering problems
    1. Torque steer
    2. Bump steer issue
    3. Heavy steering
  2. Alternator problems
    1. In 2005-2007 Ford Focus models, the alternator isn't in an ideal place. It's next to the exhaust manifold with the catalytic converter. This means the alternator is regularly exposed to excessive heat. As a result, the alternator fails early.
  3. Radio issues (here's a resource on saving money on a replacement radio)
    1. Poor reception
    2. Poor sound quality
    3. Satellite sound bleeding through

Maintenance Tips For The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is an easy car to maintain. To prolong the life of your Focus, be sure to maintain it on schedule. Here are a few tips to make maintaining your Focus as easy as possible:

  • Download an app that helps you keep track of your car's maintenance schedule. A good app will track your car's service schedule and repair dates.
  • Wax your Focus every few months. It will protect your paint and keep it looking fresh.
  • Only use OEM replacement parts. OEM parts are much more reliable than aftermarket parts. Plus, you can get OEM parts from us at wholesale pricing.
  • If you need some body work done to your Focus, make sure the body shop only uses OEM parts. Here's how.