Cool Ford Trucks at the 2013 Carlisle Truck Show

The Carlisle Truck Nationals and show is a unique kind of event - it draws huge crowds from all of the country who want to be a part of the event, or just watch the action. During the festivities this year, there was something for everyone and people of all ages got to see these vehicles in action as well as being able to take a look at some of the best trucks Ford has to offer.

[caption id="attachment_793" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Classic black Ford truck Whether you like classics or decked-out modern Ford trucks, the Carlisle has something for you.

Modern and Classic Trucks on Display

Every year, the vehicle class that always stops people in their tracks is the classic Ford truck -- and there were plenty of them at Carlisle this year! Attendees got to see vintage craftsmanship and where it all began for Ford trucks. Classic gold Ford truck Classic Ford Ranchero Lifted classic Ford truck purple Of course, no truck show would be complete without some new(er) Fords on display. Camo paint Ford Super Duty Newer Ford trucks at 2013 Carlisle Not every vehicle there was the traditional pickup passenger truck. There were also a fair share of vehicles like Ford full-size vans, coupe utility vehicles, mini-trucks, SUVs, and even dune buggies made by Ford. Classic orange Ford Bronco Ford off-road buggy Six-wheeled F350 Finally, what would a truck show be without some monster truck action? At this event, spectators could see some of the most spectacular set ups of car crushing monster trucks around! Onlookers got an eyeful of impressive vehicles like the Virginia Giant & Stone Crusher, and even what these beasts could do in action! Ford monster truck

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