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The 2008 Ford E-150 is part of the family of best-selling full-sized vans in the United States since 1980. The van is a favorite for fleet and commercial sales with 95 percent of vans used being E-150s. Because it's important to your business, you take good care of it and do regular maintenance. When you need new 2008 E-150 parts, you buy OEM Ford parts that are going to last as long as the original parts.

  • Cabin Air Filters – If you want to breathe clean air in your vehicle, you should change the cabin air filter regularly. Just like the air filters in your home, they keep the air free of debris and pollutants. We have cabin filters, oil filters and fuel filters.
  • Thermostats – The thermostat regulates the engine temperature. If this part sticks, your van may overheat. These parts do wear out, so check it regularly. We have thermostats, radiators and hoses.
  • Spark Plugs – The spark plug sends the spark to the engine and causes the combustion that runs it. Plugs become dirty with time, so if you notice poor engine performance, you may need a new set of plugs. We have plugs, caps and more.

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